Shore Based De-Sul®

A comprehensive system for the removal of Sulphur from heavy fuel oil (HFO) such that it becomes compliant with IMO regulation on the maximum allowable level of Sulphur permitted both for open ocean and environment control areas (ECA) after January 1, 2020.

Fully Patented system covering both the design and the system operation. Utilizing a proprietary reaction core technology De-Sul® uniquely separates the Sulphur carrying compounds from the Fuel oil and creates it into an easily isolated material.

The Sulphur levels can be reduced to less than 0.1% as is required under the IMO 2020 regulations for use in ECA zones

The De-Sul® unit employs the use of a unique and patented catalytic system.

The desulphurized fuel is adjusted for correct lubricity, clean burn and low emissions with LSFO specification compliance.

The system is delivered to the prepared site ready to be connected to the existing tankage. (tankage is not included). Arrangements for the storage of catalyst, feed stock (HFO), finished desulphurized fuel and Sulphur co-products will be required in place prior to unit delivery and installation.

The entire De-Sul unit including the CPR (Core Process Reactor) is approximately 4 TEU in Size and weighs 55 Mt.

For monitoring, security and management, a clean Internet connection (terrestrial or satellite) is required.

The value proposition for the Shore Based De-Sul®is based on the differential between the pricing of HFO and the ULSFO which will be mandated for use by IMO2020.

Global Average 20 port prices HFO380 -$433.50 MGO -$651.00
26 July 2019…. Delta $217.50

As the technology is leased and not sold, a profit sharing arrangement is used as the business model. This model yields exceptionally short payback periods on initial outlay.

Shore Based De-Sul®is a modular system. Each unit is designed to process 588 Mt of HFO per day with a minimal average annual utilization of 350 days per year. Multiple De-Sul®modules can be linked to increase the production volume.

Power requirement is moderate and commensurate with normal pumping operations and CPR usage.

On site attendance by our engineers throughout the installation, commissioning and run up period is mandatory. Only when the system is fully operational and verified will the system be considered operational and normal monitoring be enacted.

With an on-site staff all consumables will be supplied by Green Framework LLC. Working inventory must be maintained in order for the system to remain operational with minimal downtime.

General Data:
Process capability: 588 Mt/d
Utilization: 350 d/y 95% (Expected Norm 330 d/y 90%)
OpEx: $50 - $80 US per Mt *(Unoptimized)
Electrical power: 3 phase
Sulphur reduction to: ⩽ 0.5% or 0.1%
Starting Sulphur from: 3.5%
De-Sul®unit size: 4 TEU.
Unit weight approx: 55 Mt
Payback Period: ⩽ 12 Months

System Layout

The De-Sul® unit is essentially the heart of the process. The process components are fed to the CPR (Core Process Reactor) where the Sulphur is chemically isolated from the Heavy Fuel Oil.

Further processing of the Sulphur co-product can be treated in several ways that best suit the local market. (Agricultural chemicals, Sulphuric acid, etc.)

No matter what the requirement Green Framework can assist in the supply of the right solution for your particular site

Bunkering Going Forward

With the advent of MEPC72 from the IMO there is a new clarity as to the direction expected in ship bunkering as we look to the future. The first target as proposed by the UN is a 20% reduction in the emission of carbon from fossil fuels by 2023 this is now solidified by the follow on requirement of a 50% reduction in Carbon emissions by 2050.

This will effectively reduce the amount of HFO and other oil based fuels by the same amount!

The Role of De-Sul®

Clarksons amongst others have shown models for the forward pricing of HSFO and ULSFO
Clarksons amongst others have shown models for the forward pricing of HSFO and ULSFO. As can be seen the prices of both ULSFO and HSFO track each other well until the beginning of 2020 and the start of the IMO regulations of Sulphur. From this point on there is a consitent widening between the two fuels .

De-Sul® is in the perfect position to take advantage of this widening spread as the raw feed stock becomes cheaper and the sale price of the finished product. Increases in price for the foreseable future. Even the robust business proposition for the De-Sul® will improve as time progresses.



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